Recreation and Education for the Next Generation!


Fishing’s Future!

National Teen Anglers (NTA) is a not-for-profit 501( c ) (3) organization dedicated to teaching teenagers life skills via a fishing venue. There is no fee for the teens to participate, but they must have and maintain a 2.0 grade point average and they must also pass a boater safety course and attend introductory classes on fishing and safety before they enjoy the fishing opportunities!

NTA meetings are held 6 months out of the year, each year, bi-monthly, for teens aged 13 thru 18,

NTA Teen Leaders are adult volunteers who are qualified by NTA headquarters.

NTA headquarters provides the Teen Leader of each chapter with a handbook, banner, promotional materials and a stipend to cover startup costs. Each chapter has 6 qualifying points events and at least 2 fund raisers per season.

Teen Anglers receive points that lead to “Teen Angler of the year”!

Career Sessions instruct on Marine and Journalism related Outdoors Careers!

Teen Angler Products are available at the Teen Angler store and retail outlets!  100% of the profits are used to support and Educate America’s Teen Anglers!

Mission Statement

The mission of the National Teen Anglers, Inc. is to provide an opportunity for all teens to participate in a no-fee program that will teach them the art of fishing, conservation, and essential details of  boating with emphasis on safety, Those goals will be facilitated by Classroom studies, Seminars, and On-the-Water experiences in which competitiveness is not of paramount importance.

 Special emphasis will be given to writing/composition, as well as to fishing’s many facets including Outdoors Photography, Biology, Ecology, Meteorology, Astronomy, Geography, Chemistry, Topography and all the physical Sciences. The program will also focus on Social Skill enhancements and Career Opportunities within the multifaceted  arena of fishing.

With it’s unique, active, multi-tasking curriculum, NATIONAL TEEN ANGLER’S, Inc. strives to help all its members seek and acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to be successful in life via an enjoyable venue designed to help steer teens away from involvement with drugs and crime.  National Teen Anglers is a not-for-profit organization.


Recreation and Education for the Next Generation!



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For more information contact:

Capt. Al Bernetti, NTA President

1177 BayShore Dr. #207

 Ft. Pierce, Fl 34949



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